Unscheduled Engage Maintenance

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Dear Students and Faculty, 

Engage will be undergoing unscheduled maintenance on April 20 between 2:00 pm ET and 3:00 pm ET. If you access Engage during the update, you will be directed to the maintenance page.  Access will be restored as soon as the update is complete. 


The Engage Team

Introducing Engage Video

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Dear Students and Faculty,

We are excited to share new features that are now available in Engage that let students and faculty share videos with one another!

What is it and Why?

Engage Video is a tool that lets students and faculty upload, share, and manage their videos. With Adobe Flash no longer being supported by browsers as of December 31, we wanted to offer you a free and improved video sharing tool that is built right into Engage and easy to use!

How will this improve the course experience?

  • Students and instructors can now have more detailed back-and-forth conversation about each video submission.
  • Instructors can grade student video submissions using detailed grading guides and rubrics.
  • Students and instructors can view the videos they have created over time, or even across multiple courses.

How do we use it?

Watch this short video or review the how to guide to see how to use features that have been built into the Engage user interface for students and faculty to share videos with one another. Using this tool will allow you to:

  • Create new videos
  • Manage a personal collection of all videos that you have created

Scheduled Engage Maintenance: Introducing Turnitin SimCheck

by Technical Support -

Dear Students and Faculty,

Engage will receive a scheduled update on December 30 between 7-8 a.m. EST. If you access Engage during the update, you will be directed to the maintenance page. Access will be restored when the update is complete.

With this update, we are excited to introduce Turnitin SimCheck, the successor to our current plagiarism detection service, VeriCite. SimCheck has a similar workflow to VeriCite while adding several usability improvements. For a smooth transition, current VeriCite settings and past student submissions will be migrated directly to SimCheck.

To learn more about Turnitin SimCheck or the transition from VeriCite, please see our support resources:

The Engage Team

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